What’s the difference between interior architecture and interior design?

What's the difference between interior architecture and interior design?

For a really long time, there have been various debates about the work profiles and vastness of the fields of interior architecture and interior designs, and how exactly are the two fields different? There seems to be a thin line between the two fields that tends to blur out every now and then. So where do the two fields begin? There seems to be an ambiguity between the two fields, their profiles, and their scope. The ambiguity is such that more and more interior designers have erased the line and managed to wiggle their ways into the technical aspects of design instead of sticking to the soft and decorative aspects of their own field. The result? More and more design schools have now started to restructure their curriculum and course names to Interior architecture instead of interior design. This is more likely naming Braun designer Watches something else which is similar to it but different in some aspects. This has further lead to the fact that there is a growing number of professional interior designers who are also now technical and architecture savvy. They have the best of both worlds and have managed to erase the blurry line between the fields of interior architecture and interior design. But as a simple being, we must know as to what exactly are the difference between the two fields. Let’s take a look:


Interior Architecture: Interior architecture is a professional name and not just a simple design school course. The term has come into common usage because of the growing popularity in the world and profession of design in the recent times. The field not only focusses on the interiors and decorative elements present there, but also it focuses its attention on the technical aspects of the structure or the building. This is the major reason why the lines between the two fields- interior architecture and interior design have been blurred out.

   If an individual focuses equally on the decor and the furnishing of the interiors along with the aesthetic values of other larger aspects the person is said to have been a professional in the field of interior architecture. The interior architects have pretty much everything to do with the interior spaces and their conceptualisation, that is capable of affecting humans. Moreover, they relate to the finishing, electricity, plumbing, ventilation, lighting, etc. These professionals are present at all stages of construction.  


Interior Design:  Interior design is a broad field of design, and as a field of design, it is plainly related to the aesthetics of the interior of a building. All kinds of essentials related to the color scheme, art and framework, furniture and other decors, etc. fall under the field of interior design. The field is more of an artistic and a creative field rather that a science field. They are not concerned about anything scientific or technical related to the building, rather they are only concerned about the interior aesthetics of the building. They do not have anything related to do with the legal aspects of construction, rather only beautification of it. A professional wanting to grow in the field is supposed to have a  fantastic eye and vision for all things fancy and must know what kinds of aesthetics would look good and what trends are going to match in a particular living space. The interior decorators are supposed to be skilled in whatever they do, in order to excel.


Thus, while interior architecture tends to balance out both art and science, the interior design field is solely concerned with the artistic side of a space and relates to its modification.

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