Top 10 tips for being a successful interior designer

Interior designing as a field is not just about making things pretty and pleasing to the eyes. The field is much more than that, it is the way of making dreams come true, it is the ways of giving people what they truly deserve, it is the way of not just spreading aesthetic beauty but also smiles across various people. Interior designing takes a lot of effort and hard work to make sure people get what they have always wanted and what suits them. Similarly, there is watch brand called Triwa Watches, it is built by experts to ensure the sustainability and ability to fulfill needs of consumers. It is not just another designing profession, it is something that makes up the soul of people’s homes, by putting a life into it by beautifying it according to various trends and factors. Interior designers help to bring out the best of everyone’s personality by focussing entirely on the owners of the house, their styles, their habits, their quirks, everything. Here compiled are certain tips that many of the famous and the most reputed names in the field of interior designing have given to all the budding and aspiring interior designers.

  1. Start young: interior designing is an art and it must come naturally to people. It cannot be taught to people. Of Course, there are certain nuances and technicalities that need to be taught, but if you have the flair of designing and keeping your own house or even your doll house up to date, in the most alluring manner says a lot about your future.
  2. Always believe in yourself: no matter who you are, where you come from, whatever you do, if you have a flair and capability to design, then you shall move on the same path, no matter how slow you are. Slowly and steadily you will reach where you wish to reach. It is one of the most preserved and the most underrated pieces of advice. If you have that knack of designing, you will get there! Hang on.
  3. Keep track of education: in today’s competitive world, most of us with a simple interior designing degree might not be able to reach the level where others are climbing. For that, we need some extra knowledge and education. The knowledge of architecture is necessary for the field of interior design. Thus, you would want to keep track of your basic mathematics in order to gain the architectural knowledge for you to excel in the field of interior designing.
  4. Internships: Internships are necessary because of the fact that they act as building blocks for your success. Once you are done with your education and your degree courses, you are now supposed to get your hands dirty by interning under some of the best names. This way you not only gain exposure to the world of designing but also gain certain feathers in your hat so that they will help you excel in the future.
  5. Budgeting skills: For being the best in the industry, you need to know how to manage money. People love their money, the more you save, the more they are going to love you. You necessarily do not have to always spend a lot to make sure you give you client their dream home, you can do major things in a minor budget as well.
  6. Frame-up: Always frame up all of your ideas and moods and color schemes into one board idea. You can frame up a whole room and display it to your clients and if they like your idea, Voila! Get creative, look up the internet and various magazines, bring different elements together and you are good to go.
  7. Imperfections: people are not perfect, they have their own flaws. This is what makes them beautiful. Their homes and their rooms reflect the same story. A room is not a symmetrical abstract sketch, a room is a room. It is a display of someone’s personality. And hence, everything need not be perfect. Try mixing and matching, try understanding people before you give them their dream home.
  8. Inspirations: no matter where you are, an artistic soul never stops looking for inspirations. Once you have known your client, their quirks, their personalities, you need to look around and look for elements that reflect them and use it accordingly while designing. Get inspired by all kinds of things, big or small. Put them together and revel in your creativity.
  9. Lights and colors: color schemes can be very complicated. Once particular scheme might match one person, but not the other. Similarly lighting, it depends on the mood of your client as well as the room where they are supposed to be. Color schemes and lighting are two essential aspects that reflect the true soul of the room and hence, prudent decision-making skills must be applied to ensure lighting and colors are used in moderation.
  10. Empathize: be empathetic not just with the clients you are going to work for, but also to the room after it is done. Once you have achieved the finality of decorating the room, you must feel what kind of a vibe you get from it, whether or not your clients will love it. You will need to use not just your empathetic skills, but also psychological skills as well a little bit of being a mom for them to make sure you understand what is that they have been wanting.

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