How To Become an Eco-Friendly Interior Architect

How To Become an Eco-Friendly Interior Architect

No matter how many times we refute, the fact is that the society has created us, as a being, as what we are today and it is we who create the society. Many amongst us have always worried upon the fact ‘what kind of a world we are going to leave for our future generations’. The infamous debates on sustainable environment and how to make the world a better place begin thereon. We might fight with each other over various criterions because of which the pollution level around us rises every day, but we often forget the fact that it is our modernity in the interiors that can also be a potential trigger for pollution. Who doesn’t want interiors that are sprawling, aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional? Functional beauty comes with a cost. Beauty might harm your future in a long term, and hence reliable solutions to these problems have occurred in the form of Eco-Friendly Interior Architecture.

Sustainable interiors and architectures focus not just on beauty, but also on the environment. Here comes an example of Mondaine Watches, these watches are designed very beautifully with durable quality. Efficient planning, space management, careful selection of material that has low impacts on our environment is what eco-friendly interior architects major in. They provide living solutions by reducing all kinds of pollution, and other ill effects which can potentially harm our environment.

Every choice you make as an eco-friendly interior architect reflects upon not just you, but on the society, on the environment. So instead of choosing vinyl flooring if you choose linoleum flooring, is the first step to progress in the environment. Choosing material that has low toxic emission rates can not just make the room or the interiors aesthetically pleasing, but also it ensures there is the least amount of damage to the environment.

Once you become an Eco-Friendly Interior Architect, the following shall be your job duties:

  • Establishing interior designs and concepts to suit both- the eyes and the environment.
  • Conceptualizing various designs using various designing techniques.
  • Preparing designs according to the needs of the people and the legal needs.
  • Preparing tenders for the conceptualized designs.
  • Making sure the material that goes into your construction is suitable.


You can perform all these and more activities as eco-friendly interior architects by working in various organizations like the interior design and architecture firms, design consultants, construction firms, corporations involved in similar job profiles, etc.

The next question that pops into everyone’s head – How to become an eco-friendly interior architect?

Well, here is your answer- as a high school student interested in the field of sustainable architecture you must have a strong command over subjects like Art, Mathematics, English, Biology, Computer Science; so that you can, later on, apply to architecture and design schools and graduate in either of the following courses- Interior Design, Environmental Design, Architecture.

Once you graduate in any of the mentioned fields you are now required to get registered with a suitable association. For example- many sustainable designers have a LEED accreditation. (Leadership in Energy and EnvironmentaL Design).

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